Pack Your Bag explainer

Hey @Vivacia,

Don’t be sad or frustrated! These are the last few puzzles in the Fundamentals course and are by far the hardest. Don’t feel bad for struggling.

Have a look at @Momo and @Boba_the_fetts posts — they’ve shared examples of ways to solve this puzzle.

Let me know if there is something you don’t quite understand, I’d be happy to explain!
H :slight_smile:


I created a variable and named it MyBackpack. I created {}. I can’t go further because I’m not given a keyboard option when I tap the gray box

Ok. So I figured out why no keyboard, but it’s still not working

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I did it!!


@Nur_Alam If you run that code the first time, the blue hint box should let you know that you’ll want more than one banana in your pack. After you update ‘banana’ to be ‘bananas’ and run the code again, the blue hint box will say to add a property called equipment because you have accidentally misspelled it as equipmeny. Once you fix those two things, it should accept your answer. Hope this helps!


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Hello, I’m stuck on this puzzle and I would love to know if you could tell me what I’m doing wrong. Thank you for your time-Logan.

Can some one help

Plzz help me

Hey @nazeem_nagu,

You are super close to finishing this — just one small element needs to be adjusted. You called your variable myBackPack rather than myBackpack. JavaScript is a case-sensitive language, meaning it treats these two variable names as different variables.

If you update the variable’s name to be myBackpack you should solve this puzzle.

H :slight_smile:

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Not sure why it’s not going forward…

Worked it out! All good

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I get the right result, it appears, but ever since I misspelled MyBackpack I have always gotten this same error.

Is something else wrong?

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I have a problem ive typed eveything ok but its al the time says you have made a variable but its not named myBackPack but i haved typed it good

Hey @Azam_Bag and @Linnet_Long,

You’re both hitting on the same problem when trying to solve this puzzle. Your variable is not named exactly myBackpack (note the only capitalization is the letter B).

JavaScript is case-sensitive, meaning it treats myBackpack, MyBackPack, myBackPack, etc as all different variables. For this puzzle, it’s explictly looking for the variable myBackpack.

Don’t get discouraged though — this is a really common error that even experienced programmers to make!
H :slight_smile:

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Good morning Heather I’m having the same problem, the code seems right but always the same error, I can no longer go on.

Hey @Ulisse,

Can you share a screenshot of your code? That way I can have a look and see if I can spot what’s going wrong.

H :slight_smile:

Heather thank you so much, I managed to solve it, I had the solution under my eyes, I put a bit of time but I managed to solve it, thank you very much

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I don’t what’s wrong with this?