Pack Your Bag explainer

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :man_shrugging:t2:how can I do this???

Mam I have some trouble

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may you please help me

Hey there. The variable you named is mybackpack, while this course is searching for myBackpack variable. Try changing b to B.

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var myBackpack = {
food: ‘bannana’,
equipment: ‘map’,
clothing: ‘hat’


Hey there. If you copy and paste your code without formatting the code, then your code will get messed up.

This code is formatted:

let isCodeFormatted = true;

This code is not formatted:
let isCodeFormatted = false;

Try inserting 3 backticks (```) above and below your code, and your code will be effectively formatted.

Here’s a code-formatted example:

console.log("I am a formatted code!"); /* The code is formatted. */

And a not code-formatted example:
console.log(“I am not a formatted code.”); /* The code is not formatted so it will get messed up. */

Here is a topic that teaches everyone on formatting code.

Tap here to go to the topic that teaches everyone on formatting code!

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sorry…but i am unable to complete this…???

StilI I am unable to complete…need help.

Hey there. Try posting a screenshot so that I can take a look. Without a screenshot, I can’t see what’s wrong with it.

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help me… Its thr best app i wanna pro

Hi there. It looks like your code is not correct.

You see this right.

var myBackpack = {
    food: 'bananas',
    eqipment: 'map',
    colothing: 'hat'

Change it with this.

var myBackpack = {
    food: 'bananas',
    equipment: 'map',
    clothing: 'hat'

Hope this helps.
Pummarin :smile:

This is it…dont forget the case senstive and mention the caps in the word mybackpack its myBackpack

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Hello please, I am stuck kindly help. I have tried several times I don’t know what am not doing right.

Hey Heather! It´s me Heather from grasshopper! I heard about your problem! I have a fast and easy solution! Just Email me and I´ll guide you from there!


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Hi @Hayley_Jewel. It seems like the screenshot does not upload properly, so I can’t see your code. :sob:
If you upload it again properly, then I can see your code. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Read my respond to Aakash in the topic.

Hie Heather, i am having a problem of getting past Pack your Bags

I am having problems getting past this is my code

whats wrong