Out of Bounds not working

I’m at the first test on the out of bounds lesson and I cant select an answer to the question.

Hey, Denis, can you post a screenshot?

Can I get some help with this?

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Hello dear @Denis_Sater , thanks for sharing your query and your utmost patience & sorry for late.

Here array length is 3.


this condition means i will run from 0 to 1 (length-1=2 & 1<2).


let neighborIndex=i+1;

it means that value will run 1 to 2 .



means array[1] & array[2].
Now just have a look what are the items in array[1] & array[2].

Don’t forget to notify further queries.


Thats not the issue. The screen itself will not accept input. I can’t answer the first question.

@Denis_Sater, Sorry, I am not sure what the problem is. May be problem with your technical issues of app. Try restarting the app or clearing the app data.