Notify when there are new lessons in grasshopper app?

Hi, one thing I’ve noticed for sure is that on the app new lessons would appear in subjects I’ve completed already. Mostly “limited time” ones. Because of that, I make it a habit to scroll down and scan for any new ones. Right now I’m in fundamentals and did variables already but an introductory of how to use variables had just been added. Helpful as always c:. My suggestion or concern is can there be a way I can get push notifications when new practices have been added, limited time or not? Even optional ones, I just want to do them all haha

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Great feedback! We’ll take a look at the possibility of sending push notifications, but for now, take a look at the release notes when you upgrade Grasshopper to a new version. When we add new content or change/improve existing puzzles, it should be noted in there.