Notifications to yet to come lessons

Thanks for the good app
I’m receiving notifications for lessons I haven’t reached yet, is this a security problem with accounts?

Almost definitely just a bug with how the app calculates what your next step is. We’ve made some changes to that logic recently, so there’s likely an issue that didn’t get caught in our bug bash sessions.

Try sending in a report by navigating to Settings, then “Report a Bug”. That will send us app logs that can help us figure out what’s going on.

Just curious, what lessons are the messages telling you are next?


I was in ‘which fruit’ and notification said ‘traffic lights await you’.
I’m not even half way in array methods and animations is already activated

I see the issue. Completing Fundamentals II unlocks Array Methods, Animations I, Using a Code Editor (on web), and Intro to Interviewing.

Traffic Lights is the first step in Animations I, so it’s supposed to be unlocked for you. The bug is that the app thinks your active course is Animations, when it should be Array Methods.

Hope this helps!