Not a support question but a Thank you note

Dear Grasshopper team,

I hope you all are alright. Just a thank you very much comment. I finished all grasshopper courses and I am happy and sad at the same time: Happy because of the accomplishment and sad because it’s over. I am now hooked to learning more about JS and related technologies. You have built a nice application and I cannot compliment your team enough. I hope to see more from Grasshopper in the near future.

All the best,


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I also finished all the courses and now I am helping here with my experience. You can help others too, if you wish


And I am 12 years from India

My name is Anisha Chakraborty

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Hey there…can you help me to finish last chapter of this

Yes, please send me the image

Sorry I was little busy…
I solved it anyway…:blush:
Thank you for your interest.

Yes, I know you can, if everyone can, why can’t you

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush::blush:

Most certainly Anisha. I will more than happy to assist.

Thanks, you are very kind. I am Anisha Chakraborty from India and I am 12 years old

I will tell you where you can help, if I am not online

I want help in this puzzle

If anyone is interested in making of an app, please let me know


Am intrested can u tech me?

I can teach you Java. I am teaching one right now. He is from Venezuela

You know English right

Signed into Google Coursera IT support courses

Enroll now!!