Newbie feedback

As a new user to this app, I wanted to share some feedback. I am still creating the flags in the initial phases.

The animations in the app are too distracting. The app doesn’t “feel” quick due to the ‘bouncing’ animations. They should be sleek and faster.

Also the interface keeps changing too much when elements keep appearing/disappearing which frankly is a bit exhausting and daunting for new users.

Each task in the initial wizard takes too much time with all the explanation. I guess the feedback might not be very specific but hope it is taken into consideration.


Hey @pramod,

Thanks for the feedback! I’m sorry you’re finding the animations exhausting — we haven’t heard that feedback before, so appreciate you raising it.

H :slight_smile:

I fear the alternative might be worse. The animation shows that it happens a bit at a time, instead of magically appearing all at once. Being able to do something should be a magical feeling, but students need to know exactly what’s happening, which is the entire point of programming.

Is it the grasshopper? Maybe have an option to hide the grasshopper?