Need help, whats the prblm with this code

Which part are you in?

All done ,it is showing mapstring is called over 500 times… Help me

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but I don’t even know which part you are in, so I can help you

Qual o problema com essa parte do código?

If( Space.length !== word.length){
return false;
For( let i=0 . i < space.length; i ++) {
If ( space [i] ! == “_”&& space [i] !== word [i] ) {
return false;
return true;

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I will try for this example
But I cant

Tentei da mesma forma que voce mas nao tou conseguindo

Estou com problema no verificador de palavras vc pode me ajudar?

Hmmm i se money height-weaght

If you are following the steps provided by the String Cartography explainer, then they have named their variables slightly differently to the starter code provided when you start this puzzle.

There are two pathways to fix this code:

  1. Consistently use map as the variable throughout.

  2. Or use stringMap as the variable instead.

Note: I use word as a variable instead of string as suggested by the explainer post.