My one problem I cannot use the []


I am struggling finishing a problem that should be easy. the solution says that I should use brackets but i cannot use it in the problem itself

If the property does not exist, create it and set its value to an array containing the index of the current character. For example: map[letter] = [i]

when i try to type that it only allows me to type map[letter]= _ _ _ [i] and it wont allow me to type it as in the solution above

String Cartography


Write a function that takes a string and returns an object.

The object should have a property for each of the string’s characters.

Each property should store an array of indices where the characters are located.

For example: mapString('boohoo') would return:

There are two [ ] keywords

the first is orange,

the second is purple.

After you
let map = {


grasshopper will make a map keyword

click the map keyword, then click the purple [ ] keyword