My first code! 😁

Hey there, @Grasshopper_Ben. I made a JavaScript program that checks if a string match the string sequence.

Here is a screenshot:

Randomly select and print the word from a variable str which stores an array of words and randomly select and print a word using pickRandom() function, then print a string sequence (Letter β€˜e’ at indices 0 and 5, letter β€˜n’ at index 1, letter β€˜c’ at index 2, letter β€˜o’ at index 3 and letter β€˜d’ at index 4) using the loop. A function checkLetter is declared, the if statement inside a function checks if a word match the string sequence. If so then returns true, otherwise returns false. The checkLetter() function is called inside a console.log() statement and will prints out true if a string match the string sequence, or false if a string does not match the string sequence.


Why not share the link of the code so that we can see the code more clearly and see it in action?

Sure, @Joandy! Here is the code:

let str = pickRandom(['code', 'array', 'javascript', 'embed', 'index', 'variable', 'object', 'function', 'method', 'operator', 'ternary', 'assignment', 'output', 'boolean', 'string', 'number', 'encode']);
let obj = {
    e: [0, 5],
    n: [1],
    c: [2],
    o: [3],
    d: [4]
function checkLetter(word, letter) {
    if (word.includes(letter)) {
        return true;
    return false;
for (var strObj in obj) {
    console.log(strObj + ': ' + '[ ' + obj[strObj].join(', ') + ' ]');
console.log(checkLetter(str, strObj));

Hope you can clearly read my code.
Pummarin :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice, I’ll have to copy and paste the code to see it in action.

Edit: That’s a cool code.

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