Movie Marathon explainer

The aim of this puzzle:
Use the .forEach() array method to change the value of each item in an array.

Walkthrough of the solution:
The .forEach() array method takes a function as an argument (also known as a callback function), and iterates through an array using each item as the argument for the callback.

The first line of code imports an array of objects from additional code, movieQueue, so it can be used in this puzzle. Each object in movieQueue has a title and a hasWatched property. The hasWatched property of each item is false.

Next, the checkIfSeen function is declared. It takes one argument, movie, and prints its title and hasWatched properties to the console. This function is used as a callback in two .forEach() methods later on in our code.

Below the checkIfSeen function, the markAsWatched function is declared. It takes one argument, movie, and sets its hasWatched property to true. We will use this function as an argument to a .forEach() method that we will add to our code.

In this puzzle, you’ll use the .forEach() method and the markAsWatched function to change the hasWatched property of the items in movieQueue from false to true.

To complete the puzzle, add the .forEach(markAsWatched) method after the movieQueue that is alone on its own line. Now, all of the hasWatched properties of the items in movieQueue will be true. The preceding and trailing .forEach(checkIfSeen) methods allow us to see that the hasWatched property of each item has changed from false to true.

Sample code solution:
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import { movieQueue } from 'grasshopper.movies';

function checkIfSeen(movie) {
  console.log('Watched ' + movie.title + ': ' + movie.hasWatched);

function markAsWatched(movie) {
  movie.hasWatched = true;


JavaScript Concepts: Array Methods, .filter(), Objects, Function Declarations, Imports
Additional Code (hidden code that runs before the puzzle’s code):

const movieQueue = [{
    title: 'HopGun',
    hasWatched: false
    title: 'Hoppy Gilmore',
    hasWatched: false
    title: 'Mission Im-hop-ible',
    hasWatched: false


@grasshopper_ben why each movie title is misspelled in variable declaration

Those are puns, because Grasshoppers hop!

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