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Hi I’m Justin,
I’m trying this out with my 9 year old son. I’m interested to learn but I have many questions. I noticed the blue bold text allows me to review concepts. I want to have access to that in my study notes and process it (read it and take notes of what I don’t understand).
I’ve been trying to search the forum for the past 10 minutes and see the topic comparison side panel and can’t find a similar topic.
Thanks in advance for any advice. I’m currently trying to see if the Appscript/Code Academy tutorials works and trying to find my way around these. (I’ve tried before to learn appscript)
200404 Javascript Studies

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Hey there, you’re in luck! We may or may not be working on an AppsScript course :wink:

As for reviewing concepts: in the mobile app, you can see all of the concepts that you’ve unlocked by tapping on the trophy in the top-right of the screen.

On the web version of Grasshopper, you can click on the Guide button to see the concepts for each specific lesson.

We’ve also just added a glossary section to our website that has some of the definitions and concepts you are looking for. They are a little simpler than what you’ll find in the app, but should still be helpful.

Hope this helps!