More Band Names explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Build a band-name generator that outputs at least 9 different band name options.
Walkthrough of the solution: This puzzle features a “nested” for loop, which is a for loop inside another for loop.

For each iteration of the outer for loop, the inner for loop iterates completely. For example:

for (var a of [0, 1]) {
  for (var b of [0, 1, 2]) {
    print(a, b);

When the code runs, this will print:

In this puzzle, we will use a nested for loop to generate band names. To complete the puzzle, add 2-3 adjectives to the outer for loop’s array, and 2-3 nouns to the inner for loop’s array.
Sample code solution:
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for (var adj of ['Buggy', 'Null', 'Void', 'Undefined']) {
  for (var noun of ['Functions', 'Object', 'Breakpoints', 'Undefined']) {
    print ('The ' + adj + ' ' + noun);

JavaScript Concepts: Data Structures (Arrays), Code Block (for loop), Loops, Variable Declaration, Binary Expression (+), Calling Functions, Identifiers
Grasshopper Concepts: print()

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