Mistake in the quiz? No value attached to vars at top

I think there is a mistake in this quiz. No argument is attached to the 2 vars at the begining!

Hi @Navehay,

The quiz is asking for you to choose an option to assign to those vars that would print “Let’s make banana bread”.

Hope this helps! :smile:


Hey @Navehay,

@mysteryguy3039 is completely right! It may help to know that you don’t need to assign a value to a variable when declaring it.

For example,

var bananas;
bananas = 3;

is the same as:

var bananas = 3;  

Sometimes it’s useful to declare a variable before you’re ready to assign it a value.

H :slight_smile:

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Thanks ! Now i understand

The app creator need to know that we dont know anything exept what he teach us and we cant guess these things. So he should have explain it before the quiz.

Its a great app !! Never saw such a fun way to study!