Mass Transit explainer

The aim of this puzzle: Create an if statement that runs a block of code only if a certain condition is true.

Walkthrough of the solution: In this puzzle, you’ll create an if statement. An if statement works like this:

if (thisIsTrue) {

In this puzzle, the transport variable uses pickRandom() to choose between 'train' and 'bus'. An if statement prints a message if transport is equal to (===) 'bus'.

To complete the puzzle, use print() in the code block {} of the 2nd if statement to print a message if transport is equal to (===) 'train'.

Sample code solution:

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var transport = pickRandom(['train', 'bus']);

if (transport === 'bus') {
  print('Taking the bus.');

if (transport === 'train') {
  print('Taking the train.');

JavaScript Concepts: Binary Expression (===), Calling Functions, Conditionals (if statement), Data Structures (Arrays), Identifiers, Variable Declaration

Grasshopper Concepts: pickRandom(), print()

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What is that explainer @Grasshopper_Ben? I mean, why has that been created?

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how to do this puzzle it is so hard for me so what should I do guys please

what should I do please tell me