Making of a game

How wanna help me make a game. Please I need it. The ones who wanna help me, just reply to this message


Como poderia lhe ajudar?

Please translate it into English

He (Fabio_Setubal) said " How could I help you?"

I will help with your project

Hello I can help you
I’m LaHello I can help you, I’m Alondra13100

Okie, then someone has to make a whatsapp group where we will share the part of our code everytime we finish it. But as you all are from different countries, it might be a little bit tough to start

So, report me your countries, so I will set a time

@Anisha quiero ayudar

¿How can I help you?

¿Alguien me responde?
¿Can someone answer to me?

Can I help you

Thanks. But I have finished the reason

I’m done?
Ya termino