Making of a app

Is anyone interested in making a website or game or app. If interested, please let me know within 1st March.

By the way,
I am Anisha Chakraborty


i can help you if still available

Thanks :+1::pray::+1::pray::+1::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Hi anisha you can call me

But I can’t understand Arabic, that’s why

I can understand English don’t worry

Then how can you “type” english

And reply to me in English

Hi am interested and would like to know more and share experience with you

So, here we will make an website, game or an app with out javascript, python and html coding skills, we will start next week. Can you tell me where are you from, I mean which country

To those who are interested in making of a app, please tell me which country you are from, as we also need to manage the time difference between each country.

Am from Kenya and am also a student

Class, or grade, I am grade í from India

Grade 8, from India, age 12

estoy muy interesado

Ok then on this Friday, we will make a whatsapp group. So, there we will discover the ideas. My idea is of another Google lens, which allows you to track people, built in camera and GPS controlling

Join here at 7pm IST

Urgent meeting, that is why. Join within 7 to 7 thirty pm IST

Join faaaast. It is already past 7 thirty