Make a Name for Yourself explainer

The same problem is happening with me to. I can’t delete the “.first” and replace it to “.last”. Please help.

Hi @Hochseefischer. Ginger here. Please look at the screenshot. You will find the cut option on the top-right corner of the code keyboard. Here you have to cut the “.first” using the cut option and change it to “.last”. Hope this was helpful. For any queries, you can reply to my post. image|375x500

Solution: Edit Them Again. I also have this problem everytime i use the app.

Stuck here
i am tapping it again still it says that tap again to edit and i am not getting the ‘last’ keyword

I’m having some trouble with this puzzle because I keep trying to change “name.first” to “name.last” but it doesn’t let me. Could you try and figure out the bug and fix it?


I see the problem @Shockshwat . You didn’t add “last: King” to your program. Try doing that and see if “.last” pops up

I think that I did correct but it is telling me to try without caps. idk what to do

nvm, i did it. :innocent:

can you help me

Grasshopper is a teensy bit sensitive about the variable names. Instead of it being called lastname, instead call it last. This should let you continue.
Hope this helps! :hugs:

This so helping me! Thank you, so much.

@mukit_hasan You see at bottom of Luther/middle you gotta write last then king right next to it so the box could show up

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Same here :angry: So annoying how to fix it ?

I understand the solution, my problem is your software won’t let me type it in correctly. It keeps adding additional parentheses and blank spaces.

Here is a screenshot of what I am getting:

Thank you, I am working on a pc and had no clue delete was an option.

Hi guys,

Sorry but i cant see the word last or is a bug.

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the website is good but I can’t cross this level because there is no last property