Magic Answers Explainer

Magic Answers Explainer

Aim of this puzzle Add the responses of an 8 ball and choose from them randomly.

Walkthrough of Solution: A list of responses is stored in an array [], to add to the list you have to add a new entry by tapping below the last response and above the closing square bracket - ]. Use the key ‘str’ to type a response like 'maybe' or 'outlook good'.

Example Solution of Code:

(Tap below to reveal)

var answer = pickRandom([



'reply hazy',


'outlook good'



JavaScript Concepts: Data structures (arrays), variable declarations, function calls, identifiers

Grasshopper Concepts: pickRandom(), print()

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Where’s the ‘reset button’’. It keeps talking about

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The little circular button. most commonly used in “redo” features. It’s next to the ‘Run Code’ button.