Lost My Progress

I logged into grasshopper after a long time and now I have lost 90% of my progress. I have to start from fundamentals 2. Please help

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Hey there, send in a bug report from the app by tapping the menu button in the top-left corner, selecting Settings, then Report a Bug. A bug report will send us the app’s debugging logs which we can use to figure out how your progress was lost and restore it faster.


Ok I just found out a way to fix it. All I had to do is go to each and every course and redo the last lesson and that unlocked everything. I still lost my points but that doesn’t matter

Isn’t the point to not have to redo all the work? My progress only saves if I use the same device every time I log in. Ugh.

Hey there, we’ve just fixed a bug that was preventing curriculum progress from syncing properly between devices. It will be included in our next app release (2.42), which should go live next week :crossed_fingers:.

Just FYI, we roll out new releases gradually over about a week (first to a random 10% of users, then up to 50%, etc.), so the app may not update right away.

Hope to have this fixed for you soon!

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oh I also had the problem a little wile back now it is not there for me.