List of names and meanings

Is there any place at grasshopper where I can have a list all the things that we use and the meanings to study them after doing the course?¿

Like array: …
if statement:…


This is for all Javascript keys used. In the app, go to the dashboard. From there, go to Concepts Learned. Swipe over toward the right until you get to Javascript keys used. That has all the keys you have used in the app. Then you can click on the keys to get the glossary. (Some you won’t be able to get a definition for because you “created” them.

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also: Grasshopper Custom Functions

Hey @CMarks,
In addition to @doodleboy’s suggestion, we have a couple of resources online that might be useful:
Grasshopper Glossary
Grasshopper Curriculum


To add to @Grasshopper_Greg’s suggestions, in the mobile app you can tap on the trophy icon at the top-right of the screen. There you can find an overview of the concepts and JavaScript keys you have used so far.

Hope this helps!