List of Colors for Coding in Grasshopper

Here is an alphabetical list of the colornames and their abbreviations, that are specifically used in Grasshopper Playground. Either the colorname or its abbreviation can be used. Thank you @Grasshopper_Frankie for providing much of the list. Others I was able to locate and verify them all in the playground. Please let me know if any modifications to this list are needed.

a = amber
b = blue
c = cyan
d = dandelion
e = ebony
f = flame
g = green
h = honeydew
i = indigo
j = jade
k = black
l = lime
m = magenta
n = navy
o = orange
p = pink
q = (gray-ish)*
r = red
s = (gray-ish)*
t = teal
u = umber
v = violet
w = white
x = (green-ish)*
y = yellow
z = (orange-ish)*

  • The exact name of this color, I was unable to locate. But it’s abbreviation works.

If you expand my previous comment and scroll down, you should be able to see the remaining colors. Here they are again:

a: 'amber',
b: 'blue',
c: 'cyan',
d: 'dandelion',
e: 'ebony',
f: 'flame',
g: 'green',
h: 'honeydew',
i: 'indigo',
j: 'jade',
k: 'key' or 'black'
l: 'lime',
m: 'magenta',
n: 'navy',
o: 'orange',
p: 'pink',
q: 'quartz',
r: 'red',
s: 'smoke',
t: 'teal',
u: 'umber',
v: 'violet' or 'purple'
w: 'white',
x: 'xanadu',
y: 'yellow',
z: 'zinfandel'
also 'gray' or 'gray'

You can also use your own custom colors.



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