Let me type the code out

Well, im still mear the beggining tutorials, but I am the type out to learn. Its easier flr me to catch on. Just like writing to learn. If there wss a setting option to type out everything, then it would be fantastic. I know im still in the beggining phase, so im not sure if thats how it is later on, but I feel kike these are important no matter what. So I wsnt to learn them to full understandment rather then having to constantly go back and reread it.

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Hey there, great suggestion!

While the Grasshopper mobile app will continue to use keys, we’re currently at work on a project that might be just the thing you’re looking for! Stay tuned for an announcement sometime in August/September.

Hope this helps!


I have the same issue. I prefer to type my code rather than select them from a list. I’ve done AutoCAD for 20 years (When I started It was just D.O.S. and we had Windows 3.1) I learned by typing so I would need to have that option, and on PC as well, in order to maximize effectiveness. I will still use it, but It could use that improvement.

It’s very good otherwise.


It’s a little difficult to type the code. Hopefully changes will be applied soon.