Laptop and ph don’t match

I’ve done arrays on the laptop, but it does not show on my ph app. On the ph - it is locked to interview. When I finished the second fundamentals online, it didn’t indicate which way to go - so I did the next unlocked program. Can that be fixed?

Hey there, we’ve had a few reports of progress not syncing between mobile app and web site. We’re still investigating, but it’s likely that connectivity issues might be causing a problem.

The mobile app will try to retrieve your progress from the cloud database where it is stored. If connectivity issues cause this to fail or take too long, the app will instead load whatever is stored locally on your device.

We’re adding a feature in an upcoming release to make it more clear when connectivity issues are causing a problem, and to allow users to manually retry fetching their progress. In the meantime, you can try logging out and back in while connected to a stable wifi connection. This should solve the problem.

If you continue to have issues, send in a bug report from the mobile app by navigating to Settings, then Report a Bug.

Hope this helps!

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