Lack of responds from moderators and admins

I know that they have a life outside that app. So, I am not expecting them to be here every time I(or anyone else) ask a question. I am suggesting to maybe add more of them. It is, I would say, pretty annoying when you ask a question and 5 days later no one has given you a reply yet. I am not blaming anyone but just suggesting adding more admins and moderators to improve the speed of responses.

There is also this world’s problem, which I am guessing is the reason why the responses are slow. Anyway, I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

PS: I think this is not the normal speed of response because when I first started using the app the responses were quick( I got them the day after the next day every time).


The only reason why nobody from grasshopper attends our question is the fact that the app is not commercial. There is no in-app purchase here. Thus, everyone worked for free.

Hey there,

Apologies for not responding to this earlier. I didn’t see this post until @Barang_Loteng’s reply bumped it up to the top. I hope everyone is keeping safe as we all take shelter and wait for this pandemic to end.

Moderating this forum is one of my responsibilities at Grasshopper, and although it is one of my favorite parts of this job, I did have take a step back for a period of time. We have some exciting projects in the works at Grasshopper, including new course content, and this has taken up much of my attention. I am sorry for leaving you all on your own for a while.

That said, it’s brought me immense joy to see members of our community step up and answer other people’s questions and to provide lesson help on their own. It just makes my heart sing!

You’ll see more of me in the coming weeks as I wrap up other projects and give more of my time back to this forum, but I hope that the positive and helpful actions I’ve seen in this community over the last two months becomes a tradition. I can’t think of a time when altruism is more necessary than right now.

Hope you all are well!