Keyboard Glitch

Hi I’m in the Checkerboard lesson for creating arrays. Every time I try and change the number sequences to create the checkerboard my Keyboard pops up on my Note 8 but opens and closes none stop to where I cannot edit the numbers inside the array. So, for instance, draw box(colors[0]) when I click on the “0” in the brackets and then click the “num” button my keyboard on my Note 8 starts going crazy and I cannot edit the number. What can I do to resolve this. Thank you

I’m trying to get past the fundamentals because I can not get a keyboard to pop up can someone please help me!!!

This bug is fixed in the newest version of the app:) v1.23.2

This is a bug on some android devices that have an option for “fullscreen mode” which hides the navigation buttons (back, home, overview) from the bottom of the screen.

We’re working on fixing this issue, but you should be able to avoid it for now by using the app without fullscreen mode (keeping the navigation buttons on screen).


Seems like this is what you’re looking for (if the app is written in java):

The same problem. Any simple suggestions

If you turn fullscreen mode off for the app (keep the back, home, and overview buttons on), the keyboard shouldn’t flicker. We’re still working on a fix for this.


How do I turn full screen off?

If you have a Samsung phone, you can swipe up from the very bottom of the screen to reveal the navigation bar. While it’s showing, you double tap on the little circle in the bottom left corner.


When trying to enter a variable or string, the keyboard repeatedly opens and closes rapidly. It makes it so I can’t do anything and I’m forced to shut down the app and then encounter the same problem again.