Keyboard does not populate

Anyone else having issues with the keyboard populating the screen when the keyboard icon is pressed? Can not enter any text…

Hi @kfalkman,

There are 2 ways to enter text in this app:

If you are naming a variable using the ‘var’ button, the keyboard will pop up for typing the name.

If you are creating a string of text using the ‘str’ button, the keyboard opens for you to type any text you want.

A string is usually going to be used as the value for a variable, so first you would tap on a new line in the code, then tap ‘var’ and type a variable name. Next, tap the space to the right of the equals sign and then tap the ‘str’ button to allow any text to be entered as the value of this variable.

Hope this helps,

Just a bit of background - I am familiar with programming at an intermediate level.
I was trying to report a bug.

You replied: “If you are naming a variable using the ‘var’ button, the keyboard will pop up for typing the name.”

My reply: That is exactly the problem that I am reporting. The keyboard DOES NOT POP UP. Thus, there is a bug. let me know if there is anything else I can do to assist or get this fixed. Looks like a great app for teaching and I was looking at it from that perspective when I came across this issue/bug.


Hey @kfalkman,

It sounds like from your original post you were tapping the icon that looked like a keyboard with a small arrow below it? That button is to reduce the keyboard down to allow you to see the whole code (but could be easily confused with the option to bring up the qwerty keyboard — we’re working on improving that).

When you tap var, you should immediately be thrown into naming the variable, with the qwerty keyboard coming up. But it sounds like that isn’t happening? We defintiely want to investigate that — would you be able to tap on the three dots in the right hand corner of the app and report an issue, then select ‘record a video’: that will allow us to see what’s going wrong and hopefully get a fix out.

On the right side of the assignment symbol =, you can add a string value by tapping on the str key, which will bring up the qwerty keyboard.

H :slight_smile:

You nailed it. It was user - error.
Yes, I was trying to access the keyboard by hitting that ‘reduce keyboard’ icon.

problem sorted. #oops!

Thank you


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