Just finished all courses for 29 active days, what should be my next step in learning JavaScript and being closer to getting a job?

I was enjoying while using the Grasshopper app. I got very much addicted and a feeling that I need to go further with learning while my new knowledge is fresh.

I would like to ask you kindly to give me some advices what should be my next steps in getting better with JavaScript and preparing myself to be able to apply successfully for a job in the future.

Thank you in advance for your kind answer


Hi @SenseiZare,

Have you tried out the Practice section of the app?
It has more puzzles to help expand upon terms used in the seven courses available in the app.

In addition, there are three more courses on the Desktop/browser version of Grasshopper:

  • Intro to Webpages
  • Using a Code Editor
  • Automation.

If you are looking for resources outside of Grasshopper, I recommend looking at this post:

Personally, I have been working my way through the free tutorials on:

Click for full list

My next step will be having a go at Wes Bos’ JavaScript30.

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Thank you for your advices, they are great. I bought one Udemi course for JavaScript and it goes amazingly well. But ai think without Grasshopper it would be a big problem to learn this fast.

I overlooked Practice in the app, so I will check it definitely. :blush:

Thank you huge once again. :pray:

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You’re welcome. I’m glad that I could help.

Hope you enjoy the Practice section of puzzles on the Grasshopper app.

Best of luck with the Udemy course!

If you ever get stuck on JavaScript concepts, it is worth searching for your question on: