Just a quick idea for the dev's

Should grasshopper add a function in app, to allow free typing.
What I mean by this, if instead of pushing buttons for the code to be written, they allow users to write out the code themselves.


Thanks for the suggestion, Jacob! Could you tell me a little more about why you’d like to do that? We’ve heard lots of feedback from folks that they didn’t want to write code in the app because you’d have to press so many individual keys on a mobile keyboard, but seems like you’re not in that camp. When would you like us to surface that kind of option? What would you be hoping to learn?

The more we can understand what you’re looking for, the better we’ll get :slight_smile:

For me I love free typing it give me more freedom with coding because this is the second coding language And I like to try myself and explore mistakes and this option gives the possibility of solving many of the miracles in more than one way, in addition to it gives me the feeling of the computer

Hi @Ali,

If you just want a playground you can try the one which Mozilla provides, at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Statements/var; just delete the text in the box and type your own.


I think there should be an option that let us write the code with just the normal keyboard not with all those helping tool box, As I have learned the basic of js before using the tool box fell very slow and distracting for me to code, With this feature I think the coding will not be so boring and more challenging for me to keep solving the problem.

Or atleast just add this feaure to the playground where I can practice my knowledge.

Thx and sorry for my bad eng.

For me, free typing is more ideal to use because it acts as a real console, Please don’t remove Glossary.

I think I understand what Jacob is saying here.

Quite many times I have known the answer and could have typed it in myself, but I can’t figure out how to make those buttons appear.

Although on more occasions I get helped by those buttons, so I’m happy to see those buttons.

And to Jacob, have you looked at the ‘code playground’ just yet?
I think you can go type anything you want there. Like the puzzle you’re struggling with.