Is the anyway to reset my progress?

I need to reset as i forgotten everything

So I took a look through the Android app and I couldn’t find anywhere, either, to reset ones progress and start again.

I guess you could log out and log back in as another user but that’s too much effort and probably against their TOS (to maintain no more than one account).

As a work-around you can go back to any previous lesson and reset that particular lesson. I was presented with this option upon doing so:

If you want you can reset every lesson you’d like to redo one-at-a-time until you catch-up.

It’s not a simple, single-button, fix but, as long as you keep track where you leave off when you do, you’ll catch-up in no time :slight_smile:

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I do that all the time too!

Hey @Nur,

@Mr_Yesca is right — currently we don’t have a method for you to reset your progress across the whole app; but you can go into each puzzle and start over there.

We are working on a solution that will allow you to reset your progress; it will hopefully be available in the next 2-3 weeks.

H :slight_smile:

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