Is it possible to pick random value from an specific object property array

I am new to Grasshopper and just started learning JavaScript coding with the app and I am wondering if its possible to pick a random value from a specific object property array and like from the array of object property values, the code will pick a random property and that is what will be assigned to a value to be outputed.

var person = {
height: [‘5.5 ft’,‘5.7 ft’,‘5.10 ft’,‘6.1 ft’,‘6.3’,‘6.8 ft’,‘7 ft’]};

var myName = pickRandom (property from name)
var myHeight = pickRandom (random property from height)


Not all is actual code. I’m just trying to do this so maybe you guys can better understand what I’m trying to accomplish with the code.

Any help would be greatly be appreciated :smiley: