Is it complicated if I don't know English?

Hello, I have a question, is it necessary to know English to learn javascript or learn to program?

I think. Isn’t complicarse if you don’t know English. Good Luck.


I thanks you very much Leonardo

Yes it’s really necessary to know English to learn javascript and to make program.

Olá. Boa tarde.

Olha isso não é de forma proibitiva. Que lhe proíba de cursar por não saber o Inglês.

Mas se vc souber o inglês. Facilita e muito. Para algumas etapas futuras. Já que, os grandes players do mercado, são multinacionais.

Seja bem vinda.

Boa Sorte!

Can you please tell me in English, I can’t understand your language, as I’m an Indian.

I don’t think so :blush:
Happy journey :clap:

???What happened???
But I wanna say that it is needed to know minimum English, just the basic, for coding

I told you that you need to know just the basics, I understand that, but sometimes for some big codes you need to know the English basics, that’s what my school says…

While learning to code, I struggled a lot, as I am an Indian, so words was there I couldn’t understand, so that’s why I commented, that’s it is needed to know the basics of English. It’s now 11:30pm here, so on seeing your comment I answered. You can ask me any doubt anytime…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: