Intro to Webpages - additional courses? ideas for continuing?


First i wanted to say, that grasshopper is really awesome.

I like webdesign, so i learned html and css. But then i saw, that certain things are only possible, if you know JavaScript. So i started with grasshopper. The intro to webpages course was really helpful. But now my question is, if there will be some additional courses that cover more then the basics that i learned in the intro to web page course?

Or if not, can you perhaps tell me, if you have any tips or ideas how i can proceed? do you know some useful sites/apps/tutorials where i can learn more about html/css with JavaScript(for example queryselector) ?

thanks a lot in advance for your help


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i really would appreciate some tips, how i can continue.

thanks a lot in advance.

Hey there, glad to hear you’ve taken to web design!

If you’re looking for where to go next, I would recommend, as their content is generally quite good (although perhaps a bit excessive) and guaranteed to be free. They have a Responsive Web Design course that goes more in-depth than our Webpages course.

There’s also this useful post on this forum that lists some resources.

YouTube is also a great resource for web dev tutorials, so I would recommend slowly building up a list of channels to subscribe to.

There are also paid courses on sites like CodeCademy, Udacity, etc. that can be useful, but I would recommend looking for free content first.

There’s a good chance that we’ll have more content on Grasshopper that will be what you are looking for, but until then, these resources should help.

Good luck!


Hello Grasshopper_Ben

Thanks a lot for your answer. That and the post of Grasshopper_Heather helped. Now im feeling a little bit less loss. I will check out, Khan Academy and the other suggested resources.

And of course i’m looking forward to more content on Grasshopper, because Grasshopper is really great and it helped me finally to keep on trying to learn the damn JavaScript. I always thought im never going to understand even basic programming. Now at least i understand things like for loops, arrays etc.

My goal is now to continue and like i said to understand more the combination of javascript with html and css.

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That’s great! Best of luck on your web development journey!

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