Interactive string input


I need interactive string input (there’s already SVG interactive input) because I want to make the code more interactive.
And every time (the code running) responds enter in the interactive code, it activates a certain function (and the input is the text inputted).

Like SVG, to activate the interactive input, push a certain button (bottom activate SVG) in the playground.

Oh, and create new practice and puzzles for it, too!

Hope it helps a lot.

Hey there, love the idea!

The code playground doesn’t have the keys you’d need to write a program like this, and creating a window for text input could cause some issues in the app. However, if you have computer you can work on instead, this shouldn’t be too hard to do!

Look up some tutorials on Node.js. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about how to get it installed and set up. Node.js lets you run JavaScript outside of a web browser, so you can write a program in a .js file and then run it from your computer’s terminal.

Good luck, and hope this helps!


But can you add it on the desktop version?