Inputting and Saving data

Like to know how to learn how to input data and saving data into the Java script… Is it even possible-?

Hi @onepeedoffman,

I understand that pure JavaScript doesn’t have any support for input or output; any input or output is provided by the environment. The print(), drawBox(), and drawboxes() functions are provided by Grasshopper.

Perhaps the Grasshopper team will add an input() function (which would fit in well with variables), and consider adding a database section.


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Okay, Thanks… One more question… I know you can use notepad for HTML, can JavaScript be used in the same manner, The notepad… Would you know? Thanks…

You can, but a source code editor or Integrated Design Environment (IDE) which recognizes JavaScript will be better, by creating structures for you, highlighting typos, etc. Like Grasshopper, but without the restrictions.

You won’t be able to paste into Grasshopper, if that’s what you’re thinking.