Incremented Decremented explainer

Aim of the puzzle: Use the ++ and -- operators to change the value of a variable.

Walk through of solution: On the first line, the y variable is defined with the value 5. The next line increments (adds 1 to) the y variable. You can see the results printed by the next line.

Now, tap on the x on the next line all by itself. Tap the -- button to decrement (subtract 1 from) the y variable. When you run the code now you will see that the value of x went back down by 1.

Sample code solution:
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let y = 5;
print('y is ' + y);
print('y is now ' + y);

Javascript Concepts: Variables (let), Increment (++), Decrement (--)

Grasshopper Concepts: print()

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Hey, could you please explain why a code like this is unable to run?
print('y is ’ + y++);