Image Decoder explainer

Where are the boxes being assigned their colors? In the previous lessons the color or first letter of the color were called within the drawBox function. I’m not seeing that anymore. Does this have anything to do with calling boxes plural rather than a single box?

Now I understand what image is.

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Totally in agreement with everyone else. Until I read this explanation. For future lessons, perhaps you should mention there hidden code and allow users to dig for it at their leisure. I was totally confused and not understanding what was happening and what I was doing, but with the line you provided it made sense. Thank you!

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Sorry, I’m still pretty well stuck in this one. I can’t seem to get past this. Where can I get the code so I can move forward? I can’t quite figure this out.

Okay. Gave up and read the solution. I now understand that all we had to do was to change drawBoxes(‘e’); to drawBoxes (letter); I kept getting hung up trying to figure out what literal letter(s) of the alphabet I needed to replace ‘e’ with vs replacing it with the actual Looping Variable Name, letter. Just misinterpreted a key instruction. Thx for the support and explanations.

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Thanks, it is really helpful. :slight_smile:

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Okay, so I’m still stuck on this lesson. I just can’t figure it out. Without knowing the full code it’s really difficult. Even the “solution” doesn’t work. Can somebody help me?

It’s made that you can Google search on your own code so this is one of the important skills they didn’t mention, I guess :wink:

I want to know what the variable ‘img’ is equal to.

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I am confused as to how the code knows letter = the colors? (When trying to solve the problem I kept inputting eiieiie ebbebbe etc.) I agree with everyone else’s comments that this was the first really confusing problem and the first one I had to look for extra help.

Hey @Amanda_C,

Thanks for the feedback!

The drawBoxes() function takes a letter and turns it into a colored box. You used it back in the Gabonese Flag Helper puzzle. All the letters of the alphabet are converted into a color, for example a is amber, b is blue, etc. ‘e’ is ember (which looks like black).

If you want, you can use the playground to see what each of the letters corresponding colors are for drawBoxes().

H :slight_smile:

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Everything made sense until this question. I feel like there was critical information missing to help understand the solve for this. Even with knowing the answer (cheating by looking here), I still don’t get where the img is coming from. Sad panda

I dont understand how to add new line … To draw somes new boxes with different color ( 'wvvwvvw ')

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It’s very confusing without knowing what var defines what. So please write it in the description or just give us the full code.

Maybe you can grey the rest of tge code out and make it not editable. So we can only mess with the colored code. But we can see what’s going on.

This is how I worked it out

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This seems like a really complicated way to teach a pretty simple concept. The concepts are new to me so I don’t need all the trappings of hidden code to make this feel like I’m progressing to something harder than the ones before.

It’s difficult to focus on the concept you’re trying to get across to me when there’s so many other concepts that i have to guess I’m not supposed to focus on.

The content of var img should be visible in the grasshopper app too

This should be the hint in the app otherwise it is bit confusing

@Hochseefischer — we’re working on adding this!

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Son of a b… I’ve been trying to type out the letter strings for two days… :man_facepalming: