IF else The first true

it’s always the first true check that counts?

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Eu fiquei com esta dúvida também

I have the same concern. Isn’t clear for me when statement is true or false.

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Me also…have you tried it twice…

No it’s not, they are shuffeled when you get one answer wrong

But if you put correct code or answer…then it will run properly…:grinning:

Yes, that’s right​:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

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Now, what you are doing after grasshopper completed…

I am making a game, similar to Minecraft

Have you checked my typical Indians video, that is now viral

Where …i don’t know where it’s available…

In my profile, it is a video

I didn’t get it anyway…

This one, ok

Ok, i will see later on

After grasshopper,where did you start coding…?