I want to make an app, but not on a computer


I’m still loving the Grasshopper app, I really have high motivation to learn all the stuff that I see.

But something has been trubbling 9n my mind for a while now.
When I get to the end of practices, how much have I been supposed to learn and can that information help me to write my own applications?

On another topic Devs gave us a list of websites that we can go use to make apps.
And to my understanding these websites, like Flutter, a supposed to be used by the computer.
And I don’t want to use a computer to make applications.

The Grasshopper app has the practice field, so it’s possible to compile “stuff” there, but I’m still looking for an app to make apps.

Can you Devs please give us a list of other applications that you think are good to make apps?

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//on google play
codeboard //nice keyboard
termux //linux for android

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It’s just great that you replied, but the video doesn’t work.

Okay, the Codeboard is an app that lets you use the codes you know.

The problem is that I need there to be something between Grasshopper and Codeboard.

I mean that I don’t remember those codes when I see that whiteboard. And I need something to help me compile the that what has been taught us here

//on google play
aria //an ide
java n //another i.d.e.
//I have not tried these two yet, I just found them.
//codeboard is a keyboard with extra keys that you install on your android device.
//android studio is a large program that runs on a computer, but may do much more than the android apps I just mentioned.
//I am new to this all so please check my facts. :slight_smile:

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I’m loving it that you have continued to discuss on my topic.

I’ve been here only for less than 3 weeks, so I’m still as young.

And I am just so curious about what to do when we have finished these lessons?

Learn javascript I am guessing. Possibly another language after that. There is mention of a course on this grasshopper site.

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Hey William,

Thanks for the response.

I have been learning a bunch of languages since last year, but there’s so many rules to remember that it’s quite hard to know them.

That’s why I’m asking if Grasshopper would let us apply our own ideas and suggest us what the commands we should be using.

There are some programming language teaching apps out there that let us turn to our computers and install Android studio on it.
Like the Mimo app, but it costs to use it.

And my issue is that if you’re teaching us everything on our smartphones, why do you make us turn to our computer’s
I have seen this happen a lot of times.

I want to make my own applications on my smartphone.
And these services have disappointed me so many times, that I simply don’t believe that there is a such service.

For example, I’m learning these programming languages to make such a service. And I want to offer people a service where they can make app’s on their phones in minutes.
And I want to make games, dating apps, money earning apps…

Okay, well… Happy Valentine’s Day / my birthday today

//on google play// aria, an i.d.e. java n, another i.d.e. //I have not tried these two yet, I just found them.
I think java is the language used with these programs on an android phone to make android apps.


Aria and what’s the other app?

It’s a bit hard to read your responses with the / sentence deviders

I took the Java - N - IDE app on my phone.

I have tried it before, but wasn’t impressed because it lacks the automatic suggestions like on grasshopper.
Your just looking at a blank screen and hoping to remember anything.

Well, this time I took a look at the description. And went on to look at a GitHub page and they have a link to a YouTube video.

And I am in a different self esteem situation right now, with the knowledge from the Grasshopper.
So I will take a better look at it

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And I took it out of my phone…

I’m into learning more with the Grasshopper, and on Java NIDE you are supposed to know all about Java already.

It’s deviding my energy from learning to 2 different directions. And I prefer not to have that.

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I feel ur pain, I’m also want to learn how to program on my phone but it seems they require you to use pc. Probably because pc have give users more control on the system and have more power than on a normal smartphone but hopefully there might be a programer who’s solved this problem. I guess I have to go app hooping if I find such an app I will let you know

Was in //temmuz 2 :slightly_smiling_face:

// at december temmuz 🙂