I want to code an education app

Hi, I am Khadim Hussain,I am 38 having a law degree but I have a test for coding and developing education apps, I have no resources though. Thanks to google team for such a nice app and project .I would highly appreciate it to be guided by this course staff.
Khadim Hussain.

That is wonderful you are trying to build an app and even more so in education. There are so many possibilities do do this. You will have to decide what you want to learn next. You actually do have resources the internet with learning sites. Even with no $$ you can learn via free resources and tools available.

Few mobile dev frameworks:

and many many more.

Web and others:


the list goes on forever…

The key is to pick one up and learn some basics and see what fits your needs and easy to use.



@Simmmple1 There are really lots of resources online… Like e-books, tutorials, lots and lots of website’s who will teach you the basics of coding in any language you prefer, and more advanced topics. Here are some of the most used summed up. www.forbes.com/sites/laurencebradford/2016/12/08/11-websites-to-learn-to-code-for-free-in-2017/amp/

Best of luck and happy coding!


I’m from Poland and it’s not that hard to learn English here. The market is full, supply is high and the price is low for any educational services here. I’m wondering why people from other countries do not work with Polish tutors. Check this out https://buki.org.pl/korepetycje/jezyk-angielski/.
That’s a great idea for an app.