I can't type an array in drawBox(color)

When I do the checker board puzzle, I can’t type the number arrays inside of the color variable. When try to type the number array it deletes the color variable, so I can’t progress in my lessons :frowning:

Try restarting the puzzle by tapping the button with 2 arrows forming a circle.

Then, you should be able to highlight an individual number (either the 0 or 1). Once the number is highlighted, a little keyboard icon should appear next to the number – the same way it does when you edit a string. Then, tap the number again or the little keyboard icon to bring up a number pad. You should be able to edit the number value now.


Hi, I have the same problem in the practice course array of colors. I can type a number in the line that’s already there, but when I make my own line I can’t type a number.

The arrayOfColors variable is storing the whole array. To access 1 element, you want to use the index number inside the brackets. If you highlight the arrayOfColors in your code, you should be able to attach the brackets using the ◂ [] button. That will turn arrayOfColors into arrayOfColors[__]. Then you can add a num inside the brackets.