How to use this

I tried Coding some thing but , it doesn’t Run.

The web playground you’re using is meant to allow you to play with the d3 code taught in the Animations and Animations 2 courses. If you want to use drawBox() and newLine() or other things taught in Fundamentals, you can use the playground built into the app:


Thank You sir.
1 query more sir , were we will use these codes means , were the utilisation is .

Please Reply sir.


The code you’re writing is JavaScript, but some of the functions you’ve learned are specific to Grasshopper. As you’ve seen, drawBox() doesn’t work everywhere, but you can create your own functions to do the same thing; for example, print() in the app is like using console.log() elsewhere.

Later puzzles like drawSquare show you how to recreate part of the drawBox() function. We’re also working on lessons that will help you make the code you write usable outside of your phone. The concepts of variables, if statements, loops, functions, etc. will help you write code anywhere in whatever language you choose.