<h2> cocina Asi</h2>

Ayuda :pray:t4:
Explicación en cosina así y es que no lo encontrado por ningún sitios por favor

Please send me your doubts in English

I don’t explain doubts in the kitchen

“Explanation in kitchen like this and it is that I did not find it anywhere please”

See what Google translation says

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I was checking in the translator, I searched in google for the possible answer but it doesn’t come and I can’t find it yet, I come to say thanks the problem is called “cocina Asi” if you want to check it I will upload screenshots and give you an idea.

In this puzzle, you will use the tools you studied in the previous lessons to find and correct various mistakes. Abibi’s cousin shared her soup recipe, but it is not formatted correctly and does not show anything.

•Detect syntax errors in the newRecipe array and change them to correct the code.
•Try adding something inside the for loop to print its output.
•printRecipe() uses a for in loop to loop through newRecipe, change this so that it correctly iterates through the newRecipe array.

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Oh, ok thanks, and your answers are correct.

Oh, no ,the my answers are not I have problems with this exercice mine ansers are not Ok would you want to help me.

Yes, of course. Would you mind joining our team to make a project

Hello. How did you passed String Cartography?

Can you have a meet with me on Friday night EST

So I will explain you the sum, because a lot of people never understood the sum and just did it by seeing the screenshot

Alfredo, hay que ser bien observador. Yo me tranque allí pero luego de despejar la mentr lo encontré!
Solo fijate en el color!! en el arreglo los nombres estan en azul!! como si fueran una variable declarada o un objeto y no estan en amarillo y entre comillas simples como se debe declarar!!
es el color de los nombres lo que indica el error y lo que no acepta el interprete. Solo acepta cadena de caracteres o strings.
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