Grasshopper suggestions

7 April 2020

Hi! Just asking, when I was on the computer this afternoon, I saw that a few of Grasshopper’s courses had some HTML & CSS in it. I am using my parent’s computer, so I am still young but I have quite a solid understanding of HTML and CSS. If only I could use HTML or CSS in Grasshopper… Because using HTML and CSS, I would give a little more design to my app and also put my JavaScript in it. Not to say Grasshopper is bad but to say Grasshopper could improve for the better.

Fun facts about HTML:
We could give headings and subheadings.
We could still put our Javascript code in it.
We could put CSS in it.

Fun facts about CSS:
We could style our HTML.
We could give colour to our HTML.


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Hey there, in our Intro to Webpages course, you can do all of those things! This course is on our website only, however, as it uses a different code editor than the one in our mobile app.

To unlock the course, first complete Fundamentals I and II, then the mini-course Using a Code Editor.

Hope this helps!

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I meant that I wanted to use the HTML in the code editor.