Grasshopper looks like a dream come true

I’m very interested in learning to code and with Grasshopper I can see the results as I go through exercises.
That’s sooo much better than with Getmimo or Sololearn.
I have tried them both and I didn’t like them. Sololearn for no practice seen on my phone screen.
Today I got frustrated with Mimo, because they don’t allow me to keep learning with my smartphone. They want me to continue with a computer and even block me to use my incognito page with them. And it costs money to use Mimo

So, Grasshopper looks like what I have been looking for all along.
I like seeing these practice runs on JavaScript and see flags form up. And this support page is so awesome, pardon my joy here. It’s what I was missing after the Sololearn community

I really wish to make fully functional apps or games with this and these topics in here tell me just of those. I’m looooving it.

Sincerely from Finland