Grasshoper Mobile and Desktop

Is GrassHopper Desktop there are four sections: Fundamentals, Fundamentals II, Using a Code Editor and Intro to webpages. But in Mobile there are What is Code, Fundamentals and II, Intro to Interviewing, Array methods, Animations and II.
Shouldn’t they be exactly the same or I miss something, for which I ask my sincere excuses.
Thanks in advance

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Hi @Lordoftherings
The mobil version of Grasshopper might had customized for mobile user. But I think, the most powerful features of Grasshopper is the desktop version. Actually I am not sure about my opinion. Because I have not use the desktop version before, I just do it with my phone. By the way, here is the view of my grasshopper in my android. I really dont think that you re need this pict. But I hope you can share yours here and we can discuss it together. See u next time.

Did anyone figure out why their is a difference between the mobile app and the desktop version? Kinda makes me think I may have unlocked something on the desktop and didn’t do it on the app.

ooohhh…wow. How’d I miss that? Many thx.