Get more supplies doubt

Uploading… Is this correct

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Hey @l_saathvik,

I can’t see a screenshot — do you want to try sharing it again?

H :slight_smile:

Is it correct

@l_saathvik Not sure if there are any other errors in the parts of your code that we can’t see, but I know that the default properties in this puzzle are food, equipment, and clothing. You have an extra ‘s’ on the end of equipment so try changing that from equipments to being just equipment.

I just tested the puzzle as well, changing the property equipment to equipments and then changed print( to reflect the new change and the puzzle did not accept it. This puzzle requires those 3 very specific properties to be included: food, equipment, and clothing. You can add extra properties, but you have to at least have those 3 spelled that specific way in order for it to accept the answer.

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