Fundamentals I and II explainer

Hi there, I’m Anisha and my speciality is to help you to complete your fundamentals I and II lessons.


Hi Anisha, can you help me with “Nonzero numbers” in Fundaments II?

Hola yo no entiendo la agregar .legth agregar funciones a variables

Ok. Here is the answer

For @Mariana_Cano

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Hi @Emmanuel I am Anisha. As per being an Indian I can’t understand you’re language so please can you convert it into English.

Regards Anisha Chakraborty

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Non zero numbers calculation and sum sent

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Hey @emmanuel I can’t understand your language as I’m an Indian so it would be nice if you translate your doubt into English and send to me.

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pode me ajudar no fundamental I no desafio lance uma moeda

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Hi anisha, i need a help in “fundamental II”: add to list

Here is the answer of Nonzero numbers in fundamentals 2

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Please send me the screenshot of your problem.

Regards Anisha Chakraborty

Anisha por favor, me fale qual é a resposta do módulo lance uma moeda

não estou conseguindo responder !!!

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Hey there @RangelAmmariaCorria.
I’m Anisha. It’s to inform you that I can’t understand your language as I’m an Indian, so can you please translate your doubt in English.
Anisha Chakraborty

If this works

Hey, hey everybody, I finished the full Grasshopper course within 1and a half months :grin::grin::grin:


Olá anisha e pessoal tem como alguém me ajudar nessa questão não estou conseguindo responder

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Please translate into English

I need help with the topics helper function or function assistant. I can not solve that quiz. Thanks

Which sum???

Ayuda en : Bracketbol?