Fundamentally flawed but great idea

I’ve been cruising through these “puzzles” and I’ve learned a little js before so some things are not too complicated however here are a few areas that I find bothersome.

  1. When learning a new concept, you aren’t prompting us to learn about the code. Often the app just asks us to change something in the block of blah blah and suddenly this means we’ve got the concept. I actually have a degree in education but even without it I can tell you that that was not effective learning for me.
  2. I often find myself trying to understand the code that was already written for me that I have to adjust, yet you often hide a lot of declared variables and call upon things that simply dont exist in the code so I meet confused as to where some values come from, etc…
  3. I am at a point where I am having a hard time recalling some of the lessons I went over yesterday. This is apparent because the current prompt has things that I know I’ve seen but I just cant recall how to effectively use it. It would be nice if there was more practice per concept to help solidify knowledge before moving on to different concepts. How about you let us write a code using the thing we just learned and submit it for peer review? Peers could take a look, make comments or corrections etc. Kind of how some language apps work.
  4. I know for the sake of ease you are using grasshopper specific things like print() and I think the draw boxes thing works well in the beginning to help learn syntax but I think you need to get off of them asap. Especially when your app let’s you simply push a button and ‘print()’ is inputted automatically. Theres no reason it shouldnt be console.log from the very next lesson and then never brought up again. Teaching shortcuts that arent applicable to real world situations only causes more frustration down the road.

Hey there, great feedback!

It’s always good for us to hear about what is and is not working for our users. While we add new content to the app regularly, existing content is also frequently edited and optimized based on user feedback.

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