For the Right Price explainer

I do not know what has happened.

Do I have to change the [underAHundred(__); to [return hotel.price<100;]?

I have a small problem here : I tried to put the .filter(UnderAHundred), but when I attempt to put the .filter, it says “It cannot be inserted here”.

Hello KyleWu

You need to put return hotel.price < 100 in the {} of function underAHundred(hotel) instead of **underAHundred();

like this

function underAHundred (hotel) {
return hotel.prices < 100;

also at the end of the line of let affordHotels = grasslandsHotels; you need to add.filter(underHundred) after the grasslandsHotels the line should be

let affordableHotels = grasslandsHotels.filter(underAHundred);

Sorry I couldn’t add images because I’m a new member hopefully the words help any questions on this one let me know :grinning:

I hope that helps you out.

Hi Dealonp,

Click on grasslandHotels in the line let affordableHotels = grasslandHotels so that only grasslandsHotels is selected then click .filter() in the bottom tray thing then add the UnderAHundred into the brackets

Hope That Helps/Works